Boost your body

Improve the results of exercises: with this mission Lipobreak was born in 2011. Excellent testimonials in the fitness industry have confirmed the prestige and popularity of these treatments in cream and gel, with a proven effectiveness in remodeling the body and defining the muscles. Today Lipobreak line continues to offer "booster" products to improve the physical response, with innovative and safe active ingredients, fruit of the scientific and cosmetic research of our laboratories. Alongside these products, Lipobreak added products to meet the different needs of sportspeople: new products suitable for muscle preparation (pre-workout) and soothing treatments to use for post-workout, even in the case of injuries, hematomas or bruises, for the recovery massage or for functional bandage.

Made in Italy quality

Safe ingredients, effectiveness and quality: Lipobreak is produced by the Italian company Rays SpA, a leader in the health and safety sector, in the medical and cosmetic market. A guarantee for the quality of products and formulations but also for customer service and assistance, which can rely on the professionalism of an Italian group with over 25 years of history.

azienda italiana Rays SpA